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CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in the hemp plant. It is one of many compounds found in marijuana but it has not been as well-known as its counterpart, THC until recently. This is because, with the advent of legalized marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries, any part of the hemp plant was considered illegal or improper to consume.

This was also because of the effects of getting high from smoking it. The compound responsible for this is THC. Cannabidiol is different. It can provide many of the same relaxing effects as THC but it does so without causing impairment CBD is thought of as being one of the healthier parts of the plant and it is credited with being able to relieve mood disorders as well as physical pain.

With legalized marijuana, CBD oils, creams and capsules have become widely available. People have started taking it not because they want a high but because they want pain relief. There is growing evidence that it may not be all in their heads.

CBD For Pain

CBD enters the body and is thought to attach to CB2 receptors. It makes the body produce its own CB2 receptors. The way it reacts to these receptors is the key in how it effectively treats pain. It also reduces inflammation which is a leading cause of pain.

This compound is extracted not from the marijuana plant but the hemp plant. Growers do not produce strains that contain a lot of THC. Therefore, the effects will not induce a high or a lightheaded, distorted perception of things.

Some studies, according to Medical News Today show that when Rheumatoid Arthritis suffers took CBD or applied it, their joints stopped swelling. The reduction in inflammation stopped stiffness, swelling, and pain. It seemed to aid in relieving osteoarthritis or OA, also. Most all studies have been done on animals, but the results were clear. It is an effective pain reliever.

This means that CBD could show a great deal of promise for relieving chronic pain. This could be pain from cancer or fibromyalgia.

CBD Breaking Medical Headlines

Before trying it, consult with your doctor. You should do this especially if you are taking any type of prescription medication for arthritis or other chronic pain condition.

Check the local laws to find more information in your area about its legality. You can also find out where to purchase it from licensed dispensaries.

The choices range from creams and patches to capsules and tinctures. Because it is not regulated by the FDA, there are no set dosages for effective pain relief. It is up to you to experiment. Get the assistance of someone at your dispensary. They have experience with other users who, like you, want effective pain relief. They can recommend products and formulations.

For some people, the capsules work best. Others find that using creams allows them to apply the CBD in a targeted manner to relieve pain. Most CBDs will contain at least traces of THC so if you plan on ingesting it learn which strengths are right for you.

For example, something sold as 4:1 CBD would be a strong ratio of CBD and THC. Something with 18:1 would be mostly CBD. Traces of THC can be picked up on drug tests so you must choose a formula that will work for you. This applies to the formulations that you spray in your mouth, swallow as capsules or drop under the tongue.

Many people are happy that CBD is finally legal in so many places. They want to use it for its health benefits including its ability to act on pain receptors. CBD is a live saver for many because it works and has virtually no side effects.

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